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Registration Renewal

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What to Expect
  • Here you can renew your Idaho vehicle registration. Most registrations are eligible for online renewal. If you receive an error message, further instructions are provided.
  • The cost of renewal will be calculated during this process. You will have a chance to review the line items and online service fee prior to making a purchase.
  • Your registration will be mailed to the address on your renewal notice (your mailing address on file with the Idaho Transportation Department)
  • To change your address, visit local county office or submit the address change form prior to completing your online transaction
You Will Need
  • The vehicle plate number
  • The last 6 digits/characters of the VIN
  • A credit/debit card or PayPal account
  • A physical address in Idaho

The role of motor vehicle license salesman was assigned to the assessor’s office when a local office was needed for licensing a small number of cars in the early part of the 1900s. The operating fee for motor vehicles in Idaho is in lieu of personal property taxes. Manufactured homes, however, cannot be licensed without a verification that the property tax for the applicable year has been paid.

The assessors are agents of the State Department of Transportation and are directed to perform the duties prescribed in the Uniform Registration Act and the Idaho Motor Vehicle Act. The Department of Transportation furnishes supplies and license plates.

The following is a partial list of the legal responsibilities for the assessor’s office relating to licensing and titling

Selling license plates the assessor:

1. Handles applications for registration for passenger vehicles, trucks, buses, motorcycles, and trailer houses.
2. Computes license fees
3. Creates a record of the restraint and registration issued, by the license plate number
4. Collects registration fees
5. Processes the transfer of license plates
6. May sell pleasure boat stickers for the Parks and Recreation Department

Titling motor vehicles the assessor

1. Accepts filing of application for titles, along with required supporting documents, and enters the proper recorded date when the lien is being recorded.
2. Collects fees

Collects sales tax.


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