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Director Brad Clements

605 N. Capital Ave.
Idaho Falls, Id. 83402

Manmade or natural, emergencies or disasters can strike at any time. The Office of Emergency Management provides leadership, planning, education and resources to protect lives, property, and the environment in the event an emergency or disaster was to strike Bonneville County. Brad Clements serves as the County's Emergency Manager, and he is joined in day-to-day operations by the Emergency Management Assistant, Kellie Farrar. Emergency Management works with County departments, local governments, volunteer organizations and the private sector in and around Bonneville County to develop disaster preparedness plans, and provide training and exercise activities. One of Emergency Management's primary goals is to ensure that citizens are prepared to survive and thrive for at least 72 hours following a disaster/emergency. That is FEMA’s realistic estimation of how long one may have to get by on their own while response efforts are concentrated on life-saving efforts and/or restoration of critical services. We have provided several links below to assist individuals, families, civic organizations and businesses in those self-preservation efforts. In addition, Bonneville County Emergency Management supports the community training program known as Community Emergency Response Team, also known as CERT.   You will also find a link below for our regional CERT program. For those without computer access, we are also able to provide a variety of preparedness material in printed form; however, we are limited to supplies at hand.

It is our desire, either directly or by referral, to assist you with being informed and prepared in the event of an emergency or disaster in Bonneville County. As part of that goal, you will find numerous links below of community, state and federal partners who join us in our effort to be ready.  

Helpful Resources and Related Links

American Red Cross
Center for Disease Control

Eastern Idaho Public Health
Idaho Department of Environmental Quality
Idaho Office of Emergency Management
Idaho Transportation Department
National Weather Service/Pocatello

Document Library

2023 Preparedness Calendar Download PDF

2020 Bonneville County All-Hazard Mitigation Plan (AHMP)

2020 Bonneville County Community Wildfire Protection Plan

2016 Peterson Hill Operations Plan

US Army Corps of Engineers Sandbagging Techniques

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