County Administration

County Coroner

Rick Taylor

Rick Taylor was appointed Bonneville County Coroner in November, 2012 by the Republican Committee upon the resignation of Jon Walker.  He had served as Chief Deputy Coroner since 2001.  Coroner Taylor is a retired Division Chief from the Idaho Falls Fire Department/Ambulance Service serving from 1982 until November 2011. Nearly 30 years of field emergency service work has provided invaluable experience for the duties of Coroner. Rick is medically certified-ABMDI (American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators)

Coroner:  Rick Taylor - D-ABMDI
Chief Deputy Coroner:  Greg Black - D-ABMDI
Deputy Coroner:  Mark Anderson, PA(ASCPcm)
Deputy Coroner & Medical Advisory: Dr. Joseph Anderson, DO(FACEP)

The Office of the Coroner in the State of Idaho is authorized and established by the Constitution of 1894 under which our State Government now operates, State Code 19-4301.  When a death occurs the determination is made whether or not it will be a Coroner’s Case, usually deaths that are not considered to be “natural” cause and are not under a doctor’s care for the illness of cause.  It is the job of the Coroner to determine cause and manner of death.  The Office of Coroner will usually respond to the scene to investigate with the assistance of Law Enforcement.  This may be to a residence, highway, hospital, or other locations.

To reach the Coroner staff member on call:  208-533-6999
Information requests can be emailed to: Please state what particular information you need, the name of the decedent, the date of death, your relationship to the decedent, and the reason for the request.

History of Bonneville County Coroners:
1911-1915: Joseph Morley
1915-1927: Charles E. Dinwoody
1927-1933:  Bert J. Allen
1933-1945: Fred Porter
1945-1955: Leo A. Williams
1955-1961: Jack A. Wood, Jr.
1961-1965  David H. Smith.
1965-1969: Hazel L. McGaffey
1969-2001:  Vernal C. Rydalch
2001-2012: Jon D. Walker
2012-  Rick D. Taylor