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How do I find out who owns a parcel of land?

Ownership information can be obtained by calling the Platting/Mapping Department of the Bonneville County Assessor’s Office, (208) 529-1350 ext. 1328 or (208) 529-1359. To better serve the public, we do ask that you limit your request to no more than three parcels. If you need information on more than three parcels you can visit our office where you can find the information on our public terminals. Our Platting/Mapping Department staff will be available if you require assistance. ·

How do I change my mailing address?

You can contact Assessor’s Office 547 N. Capital Ave. or call (208)529-1359 ext. 1320.

There is incorrect ownership and/or address information on my assessment notice, how can I have it corrected?

If you feel there is an error on your notice, please contact your Assessor’s Office from the list provided in the link or at the phone number listed on your assessment notice.

What information should appear on a recorded document to transfer my property?

Grantor (Seller): Current ownership, exactly as it was acquired.
Grantee (Buyer):  Name and mailing address as it should appear in our records.
Legal Description:
Platted Lots: Lot, Block, and Subdivision Name (exactly as it was recorded).
    Un-platted Lots: A metes and bounds description of the property.
If you have any questions about the requirements, please call our office at (208) 529-1350 ext. 1328.

How do I change the name of the owner(s) on my property?

There are many situations that would create a need to change the deed on a property. They may include: sale or purchase, the death of a deeded owner, to correct spelling, add or remove an owner, or change your name. To make these changes on a deed, a new deed needs to be recorded.

The Assessor’s office applies information from recorded documents. The Assessor’s office does not decide who the owner’s of the property are – recorded documents do this.

The Assessor’s office cannot give legal advice nor do we provide blank legal documents. We recommend that you see a title company for assistance in filling out a deed.

If you believe that you have all of the proper documentation and properly completed deed, you may contact or take it to the Platting/Mapping Department located in the Assessor's Office and have a deed processor or a mapper look it over before it is recorded.

How do I add my spouse to the existing title of my property?

A new deed should be prepared and recorded with the County Recorder’s Office with you as the Grantor, using your name exactly as you acquired title to the property. The Grantee will have both your name and your spouse’s name as you would like for it to appear in our records.

I have recently married, how do I change my name on the title of my property?

You will need to record a new deed using your former name, as you acquired title, as the Grantor and your new name as the Grantee. A marriage license cannot be used to change the name on the title.

I am recently divorced, how do I remove my former spouse’s name from the title of my property?

Your divorce decree should state how the property is to be conveyed.

    *    If the decree states that you were awarded the property, it may be possible to use the decree to remove the former spouse’s name from the property. It is always wise to consult your attorney if you have any questions concerning the decree.
    *    The decree may state that you will need to record a deed to convey the property. Check with your attorney to see if a deed has been prepared for the transaction. Please remember that the Grantor on the new document must be exactly as it was when you acquired title to the property.

My spouse passed away, what do I need to do to update the ownership records?

If there was no will at the time of death, the surviving spouse can fill out an affidavit and record a death certificate for the deceased spouse. If there was a will in effect at the time of death, there may be other requirements to remove the name of the spouse from our record. If a community property agreement was recorded, all that is required to remove the deceased spouse is a copy of the death certificate to be filed with the recorder’s office. For more information and assistance, you can contact our office at (208) 529-1350 ext. 1328.

Where can I get a description of my property that shows the dimensions and boundaries?

If your property is a platted lot, you can get a copy of your subdivision plat from our Platting/Mapping Department in the Assessor’s Office. If your property is not platted, you can obtain a copy of your deed of acquisition from the Recorder’s Office. If you need assistance determining the exact location of your property boundaries, you will need to have a survey by a licensed land surveyor, see the question below on (How do I get my property surveyed?) for more information.  

Can I see a map of my property?

Yes, you can visit the Platting/Mapping Department located in the Assessor's office during regular business hours to view and/or purchase a map.

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