Non-Profit and Charitable Exemption

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Religious, non-profit, fraternal and other organizations can apply for exemption from property taxation by contacting and requesting an application from the Assessor’s office or refering to the links below. To see if your organization may apply, examine chapter 6 of title 63 in Idaho Code.

Please complete all portions of the application as fully as possible and include any supporting documentation. Refer to the links below for application forms. This application along with all pertinent documents should be returned by April 15th of the year you wish to receive the exemption.  If more information is required to make a decision, you may be asked to appear in a hearing before the Board of Equalization.  

Exemptions will not be granted on future building sites (speculative land) or area leased to a non-qualifying entity.

Exemptions are granted for only one year at a time. After an exemption is first granted, a declaration is mailed yearly.  Failure to complete and return this declaration by the deadline will result in the removal of the exemption.

NOTE: Both of the below PDF documents must be filled out and submitted to the Assessor’s Office.

Questionnaire to be submitted with Exemption form
Exemption application form

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