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Pursuant to Idaho Code 63-602BB and Rule 628 to qualify for the partial exemption which shall be the amount to fifty percent (50%) of the remediated land value the qualifying owner or agent thereof, must complete the following procedures for the site:

  1. Obtain and complete the application for partial exemption.
  2. Submit the application for partial exemption and copies of the certificate of completion and covenant not to sue to the county Assessor’s office located at 547 N Capital Ave in Idaho Falls. If the legal description of the site and a map identifying the location and size of facilities and relevant features is included in the information supporting the voluntary remediation work plan, pursuant to IDAPA 58.01.18, Idaho Land Remediation Rules Subsection 022.03.a.i , a copy of this information shall be included with the application for partial exemption.
  3. File the application for partial exemption with the county assessor on or before March 15th of the year for which the exemption is claimed. The application for partial exemption must be filed only once, during the first year of the seven (7) year exemption period.

The form provided by the State Tax Commission must be filled out and filed to qualify for the exemption. See the link listed below for the form.

Remediated Land Exemption form- Pdf Document

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