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Herbicide Backpack Rentals

Bonneville County Noxious Weeds and Invasive Species rents out backpack sprayers filled with herbicide .  The backpack can be rented for $5.00 with the most common herbicide. Other herbicides are available for an increased rate.  A backpack will cover approximately 4,000 square feet.  Rentals are by appointment only.  Please call for reservations.

Mission Statement

The goal of this program is to implement County and State noxious weed ordinances. We will accomplish this by achieving the most effective Vegetation Management Program for the preservation of Bonneville County’s valuable property by utilizing Education, Mechanical control, Biological control, Cultural control, and Chemical control for the better of Bonneville County and its neighbors. The effectiveness of this program is due to the authority and cooperation of the County Commissioners.

Mailing Address:

Bonneville County Noxious Weed Control
605 N. Capital Ave.
Idaho Falls, ID 83402

Office: (208) 529-1397

Physical Address:

Noxious Weed Department
2702 Manwill Rd.
Idaho Falls, ID 83401

Swan Valley Area

Interagency Noxious Weed Control Building
3329 Swan Valley Highway
Swan Valley, ID 83449

Office Hours:

Monday thru Thursday
6:00am to 4:30pm

Closed most holidays

Employment Opportunities

Bonneville County hires seasonal employees for Summer help.

For a job application with Bonneville County Noxious Weed Control Department click on the link below and fill out the General Application. Turn in the application to Bonneville County Noxious Weed Controls Office or Bonneville County’s Human Resources Office.

Job Application

Rules and Regulations

For many years there has been a push for laws supporting weed control.  We now have the Plant Protection Act of 2000 (which suspended FIFRA). Each act enabled the government to take a stand against noxious weeds to protect public health, livestock, and the land of the United States.

Weeds are determined as NOXIOUS by the Secretary of Agriculture, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and/or a designated person from each state. This individual will declare a weed NOXIOUS by its potential harm to people, crop production, livestock, and property.

Idaho's Noxious weeds are plant species that have been designated "noxious" by law in the Idaho Code (title 22, chapter 24, "Noxious Weeds").  The law is implemented using administrative rules.  These rules are contained in IDAPA (Idaho Administrative Procedures Act) 02, title 06, chapter 22 "Noxious Weed Rules."  

For information on the State Noxious Weed Law click Idaho State Noxious Weed Law

Bonneville County Nuisance Weed Ordinance

Each county is allowed to make there own weed ordinances which may include weeds deemed as a threat for their county or a nuisance weed ordinance for their county. This is accomplished through action of the County Commission.

Within Bonneville County we utilize the State Weed Law as well as a Nuisance Weed Ordinance. The Nuisance Weed Ordinance specifies that weeds are not to exceed 10 inches in height. Bonneville county may send enforcement letters to the owners of property who are in violation of this ordinance instructing them to mow, till, or disk their property.

Nuisance Weed Ordinance