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The Election Office location:

Physical address: 497 N Capital Ave, Idaho Falls

(at the corner of B Street and Capital Avenue)

Elections Parking Map

Contact Information:

Hours: M-F, 8AM - 5PM

Mailing address: 605 N Capital Ave, Idaho Falls, ID 83402

Phone: (208) 529-1363

Email: vote@bonnevillecountyidaho.gov

Reserved Election Dates for 2024:  

  • Tuesday, May 21 - State and Local Primary
  • Tuesday, November 5 - General, College Dist., and Soil

Note: For all elections, there is accessibility voting available in the Elections Office

Check here to see if you registered to vote or have a mailed ballot request.

If you have an Idaho Driver's License and would like to register to vote or request an absentee ballot, you may do so Electronically.

Idaho Election Security Video