County Administration

Prosecuting Attorney

H. Alayne Bean

Prosecuting Attorney

Office Number: 208-529-1348

Office Staffing and Caseloads

The Bonneville County Prosecuting Attorney is assisted by 11 deputies and 13 support staff.

The Criminal Division is the major component of the office.  Nine deputy prosecutors are tasked with a wide array of felony and misdemeanor crimes.  Our office promotes “vertical” prosecution which means that each attorney assigned to a case maintains supervision and handling of that case from the beginning of the criminal justice process through the end of the case.  This theory of prosecution ensures commitment and ownership by the prosecutor handling each and every case to better serve the victims and our constituents.  Cases are also divided by type such as violent crimes, drug crimes, juveniles, child protection, theft offenses, sexual assaults and domestic violence.  This allows a deputy with extensive knowledge and expertise in a specific subject matter to handle each case. All criminal prosecutors are also supported by our Victim/Witness coordinator, whose job it is to ensure crime victims and witnesses are provided assistance in interacting with the criminal justice system.  In particular, this skilled employee works closely with victims of all types of crimes to ensure their rights are protected and that they have the support they need to assist in prosecutions.

The Civil Division provides legal counsel to all Bonneville County elected officials, department heads, and numerous county agencies and departments. Serving the role as an in-house law firm for the county, the Civil Division works closely with clients in solving a wide range of legal problems by issuing formal written opinions and memoranda, providing general day-to-day legal advice, and handling civil litigation to which Bonneville County is a party, whether as a plaintiff or defendant. Two deputy prosecutors, as well as Ms. Bean provide civil legal assistance to the county.

  • H. Alayne Bean, Prosecuting Attorney
  • E. Alex Muir, Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
  • Ryan W. Jolley, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
  • Russell J. Spencer, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
  • Adam L. Garvin, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
  • Tyler B. Dodge, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
  • L. Scott Peterson, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
  • Justin R. Walter, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
  • Bonnie B. Watkins, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
  • Scott R. Hall, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
  • Weston S. Davis, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
  • Pam Millhouse – Office Manager, Victim/Witness Coordinator
  • Heather Casey-Ockerman –Victim/Witness Coordinator
  • Katie Smith – Administrative Assistant
  • Sherri Moedl
  • Ester Valencia
  • Kara Warner
  • Heather Gottlob
  • Megan Lentz
  • Jessica Willharm
  • Sara Wilkins
  • Enri Dafa
  • Melissa Houston
  • Cecilia Mendoza

Mission statement

The mission of the Bonneville County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office is to do justice.  We recognize that a prosecuting attorney assumes a high duty and has imposed upon him or her grave responsibilities.  Interests of vast proportion are entrusted to a prosecutor.  We exercise the power given to us by the people with fairness and humility.  We serve our community, support victims and families, and hold criminals accountable.
We vigorously, justly, and efficiently prosecute those who commit crimes by using all reasonable and lawful means to detect, arrest, indict and convict those who commit crimes in Bonneville County.  We strive to provide excellent legal advice and services to the governing bodies and elected officials of Bonneville County.  We strive to be effective advocates for the continuous improvement of the judicial system and the standard bearer of professionalism and ethics for the practice of law.

The Bonneville County Prosecutor’s Office is committed to fulfilling our constitutional and statutory mandates as well as:  strengthening law enforcement relations with the public; enhancing the quality of life for citizens of Bonneville County; ensuring the rights of crime victims to be treated with fairness, compassion and respect and pursuing justice for all.