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The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Department for Bonneville County coordinates and assists GIS activities throughout Bonneville County governmental systems. The GIS Department is responsible for the collection and maintenance of geographic datasets used in Bonneville County. GIS for Bonneville County began in the mid 1980's, with creating the road network layer for emergency services, using Intergraph and Bentley products.

Since then, Esri and other GIS technologies have become an integral part of many Bonneville County’s governmental functions including, but not limited to:

• Property assessment
• Road construction and maintenance
• Election boundaries
• Emergency services and enforcement
• School boundaries
• Land use and zoning issues
• Court cases

GIS is utilized in many County departments for business and decision making processes. For example, but not limited to:Parcel maintenance (Assessor’s Office)Bridge inventory, county roads and their conditions, county addressing, sign inventory and management, culvert inventory data, road mileage (Public Works)Weed identification, location and services (Weeds)Zoning and land use (Building and Zoning)Precincts and other districts (Elections); etc.

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