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Regarding assessed values

In May of each year the Assessor’s Office mails out assessment notices stating the value that has been placed upon your property. You have until the fourth Monday in June to appeal the value. If you do not respond by this time the value holds until the following year, when you again will have the opportunity to appeal the value during the stated period.

Tax and Estate sales

Bonneville County may have property for sale under two different circumstances. Either property has been deeded to the county for non-payment of tax or the County Treasurer may sell property as Public Administrator for the estate of a deceased individual(s).

Following is information that addresses common questions regarding the sale of property by the county.

  1. Bonneville County does not acquire property on a frequent or regular basis; therefore there are no set times or dates for sale but they will occur whenever the county has property for sale. Although sales are typically held between March and June they could take place other times of the year.
  2. Sales will be advertised in the Post Register at least ten days prior to the sale date. Sales will also be posted on this website.
  3. Property is sold via live public auction. These auctions are generally held in the Commissioner’s Hearing Room at the county courthouse.
  4. Those interested must be present themselves or send a representative. If the interested party cannot be present and is not able to assign a representative, a sealed bid may be submitted prior to the auction.       The bid will be opened at the beginning of the auction and will be considered the opening bid. Prior approval from the commissioners is required before submitting a sealed bid.
  5. Payment in full is required the day of the sale.       Acceptable forms of payment are: cash, cashier’s check, money order, personal or bank check.       Property will be deeded subject to bank clearance in the case of non-verified funds.
  6. All property is sold AS IS with no warranties or representations as to either the condition of the property or liens that may or may not be filed on the property. Interested parties need to do their own research on the property. The property may be physically inspected upon appointment with the County Treasurer.
  7. There is no registration required. If interested simply show up (on time).
  8. Due to the infrequency of sales, the county does not keep a “list” of properties for sale. As properties are identified as candidates for sale they will be advertized as previously explained.
  9. Property on which the taxes are three years delinquent are subject to tax deed. Each January a list is published in the Post Register of properties that may be subject to tax deed. It should be noted that most of these will be paid by soon thereafter.

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