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Vote at your convenience by voting early at the Elections Office or requesting a ballot to be mailed to you.

Early Voting will be available 2 to 4 weeks prior to an election at the Bonneville County Elections Office and ends the Friday prior to the election date. The Bonneville County Elections Office is now located at 497 N. Capital Ave.

Office hours are Monday through Friday 8AM - 5PM excluding holidays.

Any registered voter may get an Absentee Ballot by submitting a signed written ABSENTEE BALLOT REQUEST FORM or by SUBMIT AN ABSENTEE REQUEST ONLINE to receive a ballot by mail. The signed request may be mailed, emailed or faxed to the Elections Office. You may request ballots for one election or for the whole year with one signed application. Upon receiving your request, a ballot will be mailed to you as soon as one becomes available for each election in which you are eligible to vote.

The request must be received by 5PM October 27, 2023 for the November Election, and the ballot must be returned to the Elections Office by 8PM on November 7th to be counted. A new absentee request must be submitted each year.

TRACK YOUR ABSENTEE BALLOT for Primary or General Elections only.

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