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Problem Solving Court Applicant Update

July 18, 2024
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Wood Pilot Project

The Wood Pilot Project is a problem-solving court named after the Idaho State Representative JoAn Wood. JoAn initiated the movement to start the Project in order to give convicted offenders the opportunity to receive treatment near their families in their local communities.

The Wood Pilot Project is an intensely structured program that promotes recovery and self sufficiency. This program is phase based, requiring the participant to successfully complete 4 phases of the program. The Project intergrates treatment for mental health, substance abuse, and criminogenic risks; using manualized, evidence based models that treat individual needs. There is emphasis on employment, education and other productive activities.

*To apply to a 7th Judicial District Problem Solving Court the Application MUST be filled in COMPLETELY! Failure to comply with this will result in incomplete applications being returned, delaying the application process.

Helpful Links:

Wood Project Handbook

Problem Solving Courts Criteria

Problem Solving Courts Application

Contact the Wood Pilot Project

Teri McDowell-Coordinator
Ph: (208)529-1315 ext.5362
Fax: (208) 524-7917

Faviola Murillo- Administrative Assistant
Ph: (208) 529-1315 ext. 5361
Fax: (208) 524-7917

Sean Jones-Case Manager
Office: (208) 529-1315 ext. 5360
Fax: (208) 524-7917

Daniel Woodward-Probation Officer
Office: (208) 528-4220
Fax: (208) 524-7917

Kevin Milks-Probation Officer
Office: (208) 528-4220
Fax: (208) 524-7917

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