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Citizens from all walks of life become jurors every day, helping to ensure, for themselves and others that the constitutional right to a trial by jury will guarantee the protection of life, liberty and property. Most jurors find that serving on a jury to be an interesting and rewarding experience. Individuals that are called for jury have busy lives and conflicts. We grant one postponement to people and they can give us a time that will work better for them. All people find time to take vacations, etc. It is a law that your employer let you comply with your jury duty. With a little planning, they can make time for serving their community and doing their civic duty as a citizen of this wonderful country.

In order to reduce the inconvenience of jury service, Bonneville County has adopted a four-week term of jury service. Other counties or the Federal District Court may not offer this and you may be on jury duty for as long as six months. This means that in Bonneville County, you will only be on call for 20 working days. Generally, you will not have to report to the Court House every day. You are instructed to call the recorded message at 208-529-1347 the weekend before your term of service begins. That message will instruct you when to call back or when to report. You may not even have to report at all, if the trials during your term of service settle out of court. If a Juror is instructed to report to the Court House they will be reporting for a jury selection process. The process is to call a panel that will consist of approximately 40 to 60 or more Jurors. They will go through a questioning process with the Judge and attorneys. The attorneys will then select 12 jurors for that trial. If you do have to report you can present any hard ships before the Judge at that time during selection.

If a Juror does have to serve or attend court as a Juror, in Bonneville County they will not be eligible to again for five years. Jurors are compensated for jury service as provided in I.C. 2-215. Idaho pays jurors $10.00 a day, $5.00 half day and 51 cents per mile for travel to and from home

A program has been established for Bonneville County jurors that have small children with our Juror Preschool Day Care Reimbursement Program. If you are called in to report for Jury Service the Court will reimburse you $3.15 an hour per child for daycare expenses if you qualify.

This childcare reimbursement service may or may not be available in other counties or the Federal District Court. On average our trials run from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., the same hours that you are already taking your children to their present day care.

Idaho Code 2-217 provides that a person summoned for jury service who fails to appear or to complete jury service as directed shall be ordered by the court to appear forthwith and show cause for failure to comply with the summons. If the court finds you in contempt, you could be jailed for up to five (5) days or be required to pay a fine of up to five hundred dollars $500.00 or both.

If you have a change of address, it is the juror's responsibility to notify our office of your new address. Serving as a juror in our Judicial process in Bonneville County Seventh Judicial District Court is a privilege, a contribution to your community and should be accepted with pride. The justice system cannot work fairly unless jurors perform their duties properly.

If you have been called for jury duty please read through your jury summons thoroughly.

If you still have questions please contact the Jury Commissioner:

Joseph D. Lugo

Bonneville County Jury Commissioner

Phone: 208-529-1350 Ext: 1902