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Welcome to Bonneville County. We hope you will find your work experience here a rewarding one. The purpose of this personnel policy handbook is to promote a safe, efficient and cooperative working environment; establish standards of conduct and work performance; and provide information regarding benefit programs for all County employees. It is designed as a guide to provide employees with important information about working conditions, employee benefits, and some of the policies affecting employment with Bonneville County.

Although this handbook is designed to answer many of the questions which employees may have regarding employment with Bonneville County, it is impossible to anticipate every circumstance or question which may arise. As conditions change and Bonneville County continues to grow, it may be necessary to make changes to this handbook from time to time. Accordingly the Board of County Commissioners reserves the right to make changes when it deems it necessary or appropriate.

In order to promote the development and implementation of sound policies the Board of County Commissioners has established an Executive Committee made up of the elected officials of Bonneville County with other key managers including the Human Resource Director as advisory members to assist in developing, implementing and maintaining general County policies, procedures, compensation and benefit programs. Employees are also encouraged to submit comments or suggestions for changes in County policies or benefit programs to the Board of County Commissioners for consideration. However, the Board of County Commissioners reserves the exclusive right at its discretion to add to, modify or revoke any of the policies or provisions of this handbook as it deems appropriate without the consent of employees or the approval of any other body.

All employees are required to read and become familiar with the contents of this handbook. Employees who have questions regarding the interpretation or application of this policy are encouraged to contact the Human Resource Office for clarification. A Personnel Advisory Committee has been established to assist in resolving disputes over the interpretation and application of County personnel policies. However, in cases where the policy may be incomplete or unclear the Board of County Commissioners reserves the sole right to interpret and apply the policy as it deems reasonable and appropriate.

This handbook has been developed under the authority of the Board of County Commissioners and supersedes or replaces all previous general County personnel or employment policies in their entirety. This handbook is not to be construed as creating a contract of employment between Bonneville County and its employees. It is not intended to limit the reasons for which the employment relationship may be terminated or create any contractual obligations between the county and its employees with regard to terms, conditions, or duration of employment.

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