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Commissioner Roger S. Christensen, District No. One (1):

  • Magistrate Commission Member
  • Lead Budget Officer
  • Area of Impact Agreements
  • Liaison with the City of Idaho Falls

Commissioner Jonathan Walker, District No. Two (2):

  • City of Idaho Falls Parks and Recreation Commission
  • Eastern Idaho Community Action Partnership (EICAP) Board of Directors and Finance Committee
  • East-Central Idaho Planning & Development Association (ECIPDA)/The Development Company
  • Bonneville Metropolitan Planning Organization (BMPO) Policy Board
  • Eastern Idaho Public Health District Board
  • Caribou Loop Trail Committee  
  • High Country Resource Conservation & Development Area (RC&D)
  • Cloud Seeding
  • Liaison with the City of Swan Valley, Irwin, Ririe, and Ucon

Commissioner/Chairman Bryon Reed, District No. Three (3):

  • Chairman of the Board of Bonneville County Commissioners
  • Liaison with the City of Ammon and Iona
  • Bonneville County Fair Board 4-H
  • Regional Development Alliance (RDA) Board of Directors
  • Region 7 Behavioral Health Board
  • Idaho Innovation Center (IIC) Board Member
  • 3-B Juvenile Detention  
  • Crisis Center Board

Bonneville County Departments overseen by the Commissioners:

  • Ambulance Services (contracted with Idaho Falls and Swan Valley)
  • Bonneville County/University of Idaho College of Agriculture Extension Services
  • Buildings and Grounds/Maintenance
  • Computer Information System (CIS)/Information Technology (IT)
  • Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Juvenile Programs and Operations
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Personnel and Administration
  • Probation
  • Public Defender
  • Road & Bridge/Public Works/Landfill
  • Social Services: Indigent/Welfare/Hospital/Mental Health
  • Weed Control
  • Zoning & Building

Note: Other County Offices/Departments which are under other Elected Officials (Assessor, Clerk, Coroner, Prosecuting Attorney, Sheriff, or Treasurer) are not listed.

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