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Liquor licenses are good for one year, they expire on September 30th of every year.  

To obtain a license, you must first have your State Liquor/Alcoholic license.  We require a copy of that license and a completed application. To obtain a County license, the applicant must have received a State Retail Alcohol Beverage License, and have it in their possession. The following application must be completed by the applicant. You must appear in-person at the Bonneville County Clerk's office to complete the processing of your request.

Retail Alcohol Beverage Licenses are good for one year, and they expire on September 30th of every year.


• Liquor License (includes wine)-$187.50

• Beer:  draft, bottled, canned, and retail   $100.00

• Beer:  bottled or canned to be consumed on-premises    $75.00

• Beer:  bottled or canned not to be consumed on-premises  $25.00

• Wine:  retail   $100.00

• Wine:  by the glass   $100.00

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