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Cooperative Weed Management Areas (CWMA's)

A common operating approach to the management of noxious weeds and other invasive plants is to focus on specific sites  Weeds are treated, but the relationship of the treatment to the intire weed problem in the area is not addressed.  In addition, individual landowners and land stewards in a given area attempt to manage weeds based on narrowly defined objectives, independent of each other.  Majority of stakeholders look at weed control as a single year issue or that weed control activities only occur during the summer.  The reality is that invasive weed control is a four season effort due to the needed organization and planning activities that must take place; no more important than in the winter months.
Idaho's Cooperative Weed Management Areas are broad-scale, ongoing, collaborative approaches to managing invasive exotic plants.  This landscape view places specific weeds and treament sites in context with geographic distribution of invasive plants, susceptible habitats, and management feasibility.
CWMA focus is finding solutions to invasvie weeds across a landscape rather than strickly focusing on treatments on specific land ownership's, regardless of fiscal responsibility. CWMA's bring all land stewards together:  Private lands, State and Federal Lands, including Idaho Department of Fish and Game, Idaho Transportation Department, Idaho Department of Lands, Bureau of Land Management, U.S Forest Service, Bureau of Reclimation, Bonneville Power Administration, U.S Fish and Wildlife, and many Conservation Groups such as Trout Unlimited, The Nature Conservancy, and Teton Land Trust.  

Bonneville County participates in two CWMA's:

1: Upper Snake River CWMA  - Includes most of Bonneville County along with all of Bingham County, everything south of Highway 33 in Jefferson County.

2:  Highlands CWMA -  Grays Lake Area of Bonneville County along with Caribou County, Bear Lake County, Lincoln County Wy, Rich Co Ut.

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