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Please return your child care compensation questionnaire. The Court will inform you if you qualify for assistance with your child care expenses while you report for Jury Service. The reimbursement rate is $3.15 per hour per child. Please be advised that the court cannot vouch for the reputation of any child care provider. The Court has no direct affiliation with any child care providers. This is a service provided through donated Jury fees. Please follow the instructions below for reimbursement.

  • Select your provider. You may use any provider you desire.
  • Pay the provider at the time service is rendered and obtain a receipt for the amount you actually paid the provider.
  • Complete the compensation log and attach your receipt to the log.
  • Return the compensation log, pay record and receipts to the addresses below.

If you have a change of address, it is the juror's responsibility to notify our office of your new address.

If you have any questions, please contact the Jury Commissioner's Office at 529-1350 ext. 1902 at your convenience.